Download Saya (साया) by Subin Bhattrai

Saya (साया) by Subin Bhattrai

Saya (साया) is the sequel of the famous novel “Summer Love” by Subin Bhattarai. After the grand success of Summer Love, Bhattarai was encouraged to write “Saya” where he has tried to answer all the questions raised in Summer Love. In Summer Love, the female character “Saya” unilaterally vanished from the male character, Atit’s life which was an unfair, unexpected, and surprising act by Saya. Thus Summer Love was a great tragedy story that made Subin Bhattarai very popular overnight but the book left many questions unanswered.

To answer all the curiosities from Summer Love, Subin Bhattarai has come up with Saya. Like in Summer Love, Saya has a lot of ups and downs in the main character’s life. Here another protagonist enters into the novel who tries to find out the whereabouts of Saya and Atit and tries to find out the reason why they actually got split. For this purpose, he travels to Dhangadhi and explores some stories between Atit and another girl who had affection towards Atit which became another means of deviation for Saya although Atit didn’t have any such feelings towards that girl.

And he also finds out that Saya decided to leave Atit due to her family objection and introduction of a new boy for her marriage but she didn’t want to marry him as she only loved Atit truly but wanted to hold things as it was. For her, keeping their sweet memory of their love was enough to go against her father and the prestige of her family. At the same time, she heard about Atit’s side love story with a Dhangadhi girl. That made her even sadder and made her stay silent for a while.

After finding out the truth, the protagonist arranges a meeting between that girl and Saya where she confesses her love towards Atit but she revealed that there was nothing between her and Atit as Atit only loved Saya. After knowing his unprecedented true love, Saya once again patches up with Atit and their romantic life begins here. They traveled to many places together including India where Saya misses the train while she was out for fresh air that creates another confusion to Atit and their group friends and again gets confused why Saya once again vanished without any reason. At this stage, even the readers feel that Saya should have disappeared because of her father and another boy in Norway whom she had short-term family rumors about their marriage. But once again Saya comes back and reveals that she simply missed the train due to her carelessness.

Now the couple travels back to Norway and lives happily before Atit has to leave her for some time as Saya’s parent travels to Norway and asks her to get married with a new boy.

After a long time struggle, Saya once again can’t fight with her own self and convinces Atit and she travels back to Nepal. Atit once again becomes lonely and feels betrayed.

But surprisingly at the climax of the Novel, Atit is invited to come to Nepal where Saya’s father was very sick at the hospital and accepted their relationship leaving their true love to come to a sweet rejoice.

In terms of writing, Saya has a lot of good plots and the writing style gives immense satisfaction to readers throughout the whole play.
But when you compare with Summer Love, Saya lacks some novel factors like curiosities, progress in the incident, and lacks the depths of romanticism or the level of pain as explained in the first part. We can give a score 5 to Saya out of 10.

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