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Date Converter Online provides you with the most accurate Nepali Date Converter to facilitate you in your day to day planning. With just a few clicks you can convert dates from Nepali Bikram Sambat to Anno Domini ( BS to AD) and Anno Domini to Bikram Sambat ( AD to BS) with the regular Nepali Calendar. You can easily look up the dates of any upcoming Nepali holidays and plan ahead.

With the Date Converter, you can view both the Nepali Calendar and the English Calendar simultaneously and compare the dates of the two according to your ease. Moreover, you can even print out a copy of the Nepali Date if you are not comfortable with the digital version.

Date Converter (Miti pariwartan tool) is an online web-based date conversion utility. This is an important tool in our daily lives. If you want to change any date and time within a second, then it will help you very quickly. You don’t need to install any software computer so it will work online Accuracy, Faster, Better & Smarter way.

Use of Date Converter

The Online Date Converter is not only beneficial for Nepalese but even non-Nepalese living in abroad countries can benefit from it. It can be used to convert birth date, historical Nepali date, passport-visa date, date in document translation etc. Moreover, you can even check the Nepali date and year that you were born in. Simply log on to our website and enter your date of birth, it will turn out your Nepali date of birth along with the Nepali year you were born in. It is being used by applicants of Green Card Visa Lottery (E-DV Visa), green card, Australia USA college/university admissions, and Visa for jobs and immigration abroad.

Bikram Sambat Date is widely used in Nepal, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, SriLanka, Thailand, Malaysia etc. Our conversion tool makes Nepali users efficient for Nepali to English date conversion. Even though this application can be modified to make it work more efficiently than it is now.

So if you want to convert date to the Nepali Calendar, you can access the Nepali Date Converter now!

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