Public Holidays in Nepal for 2076 BS

Almost all public holidays in Nepal are celebrated according to the lunar calendar, therefore the dates of their holding according to the standard chronology vary from one year to two weeks. The Nepalese new year begins on Mid of April (the 1st of the Baisakh month). In addition, the Newar people have their own calendar, the new year on which begins on the first day of the new moon after the holiday of Deepawali (late October-early November).

Not all holidays have a national holiday, some of them are celebrated only by a certain ethnic group or caste. Nevertheless, given that Nepal is a mixture of ethnic groups and religions, many holidays are celebrated by almost the entire population. Here we will talk about the most important holidays of Nepal in the order of the Nepali Calendar sequence. Since the dates of the Nepalese holidays are determined according to the Nepalese Calendar based on the lunar cycles, these dates cannot be fixed according to the Gregorian calendar, therefore we will indicate the approximate celebration time – a month.

List of Public Holidays in Nepal for 2076 BS


Baisakh 2076 (April 2019)

  • 1st Baisakh (14th April): Nepali Happy New Year
  • 11th Baisakh (24th April): Loktantra Diwas
  • 17th Baisakh (30th April): Buddha Jayanti
  • 18th Baisakh (1st May): Majdur Diwas (International Labour Day)

Jestha 2076 (May 2019)

  • 15th Jestha (29th May): Ganatrantra Diwas

Aashad 2076 (June 2019)

  • 1st Aashad (15th June): Ramjan Edul Fikra

Bhadra 2076 (August/September 2019)

  • 10th Bhadra (26th August): Rakshya Bandan (Janai Purnima)
  • 18th Bhadra (3rd September): Srikrishna Janmashtami
  • 27th Bhadra (12th September): Hartalika Teej
  • 29th Bhadra (14th September): Rishi Panchami

Aashwin 276 (September/October 2019)

  • 3rd Aashwin (19th September): Constitution Day
  • 23rd Aashwin (9th October): Ghatasthapana
  • 30th Aashwin (16th October): Fulpati
  • 31st Aashwin (17th October): Maha Ashtami

Kartik 2076 (October/November 2019)

  • 1st Kartik (18th October): Maha Navami
  • 2nd Kartik (19th October): Vijaya Dashami
  • 6th Kartik (23rd October): Kojagrat Purnima
  • 21st Kartik (7th November): Laxmi Puja
  • 22nd Kartik (8th November): Govardhan Puja
  • 23rd Kartik (9th November): Bhai Tika
  • 27th Kartik (13th November): Chhath Puja

Poush 2076 (December 2019)

  • 7th Poush (22th December): Udhauli Parva
  • 10th Poush (25th December): Christmas Day
  • 15th Poush (30th December): Tamu Losar

Magh 2076 (January/February 2020)

  • 1st Magh (11th Jan): Maghe Sakranti
  • 16th Magh (30th Jan): Martyrs’ Day
  • 22nd Magh (5th Feb): Sonam Lhosar

Falgun 2076 (February/March 2020)

  • 7th Falgun (19th Feb): Democracy Day
  • 20th Falgun (4th March): Maha Shivaratri
  • 23rd Falgun (7th March): Galpo Lhosar
  • 24th Falgun (8th March): International Woman’s Day

Chairtra 2076 (March/April2020)

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