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Typeshala is the Typing Tutor Software for those who want to Learn Nepali Typing. Get this Nepali keyboarding that helps students to learn Nepali Devanagari Script. Nepali Typeshala has many levels of typing that enhanced the typing speed in Nepali. This offline Typeshala supports both Nepali and English Typing.

Typeshala provides free hand typing and entertains the user with a small game. Typeshala is most useful for the beginner, who wants to learn Nepali and English Font typing from starting. Typehala Software includes the Ramayana game, which helps to increase your typing skill.

Typing Nepali is tough until you don’t have practice well. For Nepali Typing practice, here is the Nepali typing tutor software named Typeshala. Typeshala is a training tool to type in Nepali Devanagari as well as English Script. With the help of typing software, users can make their typing speed very fast in Nepali and English.

If you want to practice Nepali typing, you need to download Typeshala online. You can download it for free. To download, go through the link.

New Online Typeshala

Try our New Nepali Typeshala Online, where you can test your typing speed. Check our Nepali Typing Keyboard where you can speed up your Nepali typing speed. Also, you can type in several languages without installing any software.

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Typeshala is a bilingual typing tutor which covers lessons on English and Devanagari Script. It also provides free hand typing and entertains the user with a small game.