How to check EDV 2020 Result

How to check EDV 2020 Result

The EDV 2020 result has been published by US government. You can check EDV 2020 result online from dv lottery official website. We will guide you with a complete procedures to check diversity visa lottery from Nepal.

How to Check EDV 2020 Online Result?

We will guide you on how to check edv result 2020 in right way from official website of US Government DV lottery. Before checking the result, you have to note the right confirmation number which was provided during EDV registration.

  • Click to browse
  • Enter Year of Birth.
  • Enter Family Name or Last name.
  • Enter confirmation number with complete numbers on form.
  • Proceed to check the status of your EDV 2019 status.

If you are lucky and chosen then keep that confirmation number and print that result page. You will be also notified by email with detail information from EDV official. They will let you know further processing details. So keep checking your mail that you have provided while registration.

How to Process the Interview in US Embassy?

It is always headache for the dv winners. So we can help you for the interview after second letter.

Information about 2020 DV Lottery

Get detail info from

What is EDV Lottery?

Electronic Diversity Visa (EDV) is a system that allow legal immigrants into US from countries that have few legal immigrants like Nepal. It is a worldwide lottery system by US government.